The R Initiatives

Research Fund Initiative

Since time immemorial, necessity and aspiration has always driven mankind to discover, invent or innovate through individual or collective effort. The history of human civilization is replete with examples of how mankind has derived inspiration and learned from nature to overcome various challenges and meet the basic necessities of food-shelter-survival during the stone-age to begin with, and gradually progressed by leaps and bounds to reach the modern age of security and amenities over many centuries and millennia. Undoubtedly this phenomenal development has materialized through firm determination and urge to unravel and seek the truth, learn the art and implement them in practice. Realization of translation of knowledge to useful practices has always been a slow process through decades and centuries, occasionally aided by disruptive paradigm changes brought through unexpected discovery or laboured invention, but eventually integrating them all with humanity, converging for societal benefits.

The Honourable Prime Minister of India has always held the view that research shall be socially relevant. Innovative research and new technology development through industry-academia partnership may pursue, Identify and select themes of national importance and challenge for technology development and can provide complete system engineering solution and generate large scale employment.

To support this initiative GR Foundation aims at supporting all the research innovation through its ‘Research Fund Initiative” by way of providing funds/ scholarship to those aspirant technocrats and innovators from private institutions, who are pursuing their Bachelors in their respective fields. The Foundation invites their research work and based on the selection criteria and certain parameters of their research work helps them in funding. The Key to approach such objective is to forge formidable and effective partnership between industry and academia with mutual trust and dependence, Identify domains and themes, hold wide discussion, define the scope/objective to create an eco-system that will enable the industry depend on academia for technology solutions, and even seek advice / guidance for future Closer interaction between Academia and Industry.